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This Addictive Contemporary Romance is a Sexy New Obsession for fans of authors such as Colleen Hoover, Jackie May and Terry McMillan, to name a few.

The first novel in her new adult romance series, ELECTRIC IMPULSE features a starry-eyed college girl plagued with abandonment issues who gets dumped the day before graduation… and later discovers love and gratifying sex with a charismatic businessman.

Aria Davenport is a girl with a plan. Meet the family. Graduate. Get engaged. And it’s happily ever after. Only that’s not quite how things work out. She attends her sweetheart’s posh family gathering expecting to take their relationship to the next level. Instead she’s dumped and humiliated in front of everyone. Blindsided by his betrayal, she’s left stunned. She graduates the very next day, her life in shambles. Life fresh out of college isn't the dream she'd thought it would be. 


In walks Phoenix Prescott, a Forbes-celebrated real estate mogul. He just so happens to be a VIP, seated at one of the tables she waits on at Club Lotus. The moment he sets eyes on Aria, he can’t turn away. Her unassuming beauty and fiery personality make her a magnetic allure that Phoenix wants to possess. And he’s used to getting what he desires. Being a wealthy playboy comes with its share of perks.

Just entering his air space is enough to send her hormones into a frenzy. The mutual attraction between them is palpable and their sexual chemistry overrides good sense. As much as Aria tries to ignore it, she finds it insurmountable. And running into him outside of work doesn't make it any easier. Her curiosity becomes more than she can bear, as the slightly older, more sexually experienced businessman begins hijacking her fantasies and dominating her thoughts. He’s the perfect package. He knows how to have a good time. And it's no secret, he’s mouth-watering eye candy.

Will she let down her walls long enough to take another chance on love? Will his secrets or her insecurities end it all before it’s begun?

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