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Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars

"If I had to pick three words to describe Electric Impulse: Love, Life & Sex by Angel Hilson, those words would be “very tastefully done.” I like this novel. I like the writing. I like the choices. I like the characters. I like the story. Not everyone can pull off writing a book like this. I found it totally modern with just the right touch of references from the past and nods to today’s culture. This is an American novel. If you tried to tell this story but set it in Europe or Canada, it would be a very different tale. This genre is not one I read as much as I do sci-fi, fantasy, or thrillers, but if more writers were as capable and talented as Angel Hilson, I just might. She has an extraordinary ability to tell a good story. 

First, I liked the plot, the story itself. It was very grounded in reality and believability. Nothing stretched my willingness to suspend disbelief too far. I could jump in and feel this happened. These people are real. Next, I loved the characters. I liked the protagonist and her friends. Aria is a girl I could fall for. Even characters I could not like, such as Sebastian and his mother, were still totally believable and fitted in with the story. I like that I did not even realize the story is about an African-American girl, and her friends and family until a few pages in. I liked the descriptive writing. I liked that it wasn't overdone. Plot, setting, and characters all contributed to a to a satisfying conclusion. I look forward to reading more by this author." 

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Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars

"Electric Impulse: Love, Life & Sex (Book One) by Angel Hilson is a contemporary romance novel. Although the book follows the traditional boy-meets-girl theme in a certain sense, there is definitely a plausible plot and twists and turns that make this more than just a traditional romance novel. In this story, we meet Aria, a dynamic young woman just graduating from college, and ready to marry and settle down at the “right” age. But things turn sour when the man she thought she would marry ends up breaking up with her and humiliating her. As Aria deals with this and her personal demons, she meets and gets to know Phoenix, a rich, handsome playboy who happens to frequent the club where she works. Their chemistry is powerful and both cannot help but be attracted to each other. This is the story of whether Aria can find true love, as she faces personal challenges, and if they have what it takes for a true, long-lasting love. 

Electric Impulse is definitely a treat for romance lovers. The chemistry between Aria and Phoenix is sizzling and, in fact, forms a major factor in the initial development of the relationship, to say the least. But what I liked about the book is that it is not simply a romance novel. Instead, it deals with social issues, human relationships, and how emotional trauma in the past or present can really shape who a person becomes. I liked Aria’s character and how she was portrayed, and Angel Hilson really had me rooting for Aria and hoping she finds what she deserves. There are also many other interesting characters, besides Phoenix, who lend a depth and richness to the story. This is a fun, entertaining read for romance fans." 

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