All About Bestselling Author Angel Hilson


Angel Hilson is a lover of the written word. Discovering a talent for weaving tall tales at a young age, she’s enjoys writing across many genres. Currently she’s smitten with crafting Provocative Contemporary Women's Fiction novels that aim for the heart, taking readers on an emotional journey. On her dream board sits a pin marked boldly, Oprah's Book Club pick. She looks forward to the day. Until then, she'll keep cranking out novels for readers to immerse themselves in and forget about the world.


Her experience includes earning Bachelor degrees in English Language and Literature and African American Studies along with a minor in Spanish Language and Culture from Marquette, a private Catholic university located in the heart of the Midwest. Angel appreciates cultural diversity, immersing herself in Latin culture during a study abroad in Mexico, where she had the pleasure of living with a family as foreign-exchange student. She also has experience writing as a Digital Copywriter for a Fortune 500 company and occasionally writing freelance articles.

When she's not badgering her husband to give his opinion on her next jaw-dropping plot twist, you can find her reliving childhood with her daughters at the nearest trampoline park.

Angel is the author of the ELECTRIC IMPULSE series. 

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